Tuesday Scarves

Tuesday Scarves

Tucked away in the heart of the International District is a whimsical shop, filled with colorful pops of fabric carefully crafted into one of a kind pieces of art, called Tuesday Scarves.

The brainchild of Rian Robison, Tuesday Scarves was first an Etsy shop and a farmers’ market staple until three years ago, when the store found it’s permanent home on Maynard Avenue South. That’s when Robison joined the Storefronts Seattle project, a program that offers assistance in filling storefront locations in Pioneer Square and the International District. Visitors of Tuesday Scarves cannot only purchase scarves, but also bold one of a kind clutches, all hand made by Robison herself.

What exactly is a “Tuesday Scarf?”
Essentially it is a piece of fashion that can bring to life anything from a “blah” outfit like a t-shirt and jeans to more formal pieces. The scarves can be looped once or twice around the neck, pulled up over the head, or worn around the shoulders. Robison’s calls them “a scarf, shrug and hood all in one.”

Scarves=Winter Only?
Not so, says Robison. The University of Washington grad travels around the country in search of fabrics that work during any season – including lighter fabrics for the summer.

Where does the name “Tuesday” come from?
The store was named after the fashion forward 1950’s and 60’s actress Tuesday Weld.

The scarves run an average of $39 a piece.
If you can’t make it to the International District, Robison is still selling on Etsy. You can also catch her often at the Fremont Farmers’ Market.


Tuesday Scarves
608 Maynard Ave. S
Tuesday – Saturday 11-6

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