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Why aren't you shopping consignment?

Why aren't you shopping consignment?
Jesica Milton, owner of Luxury on Demand shares tips for consignment. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)
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There’s somewhere you’re not shopping and trust me, you’re missing out. You may have your favorite boutique or online shop, but do you have your favorite consignment shop? What’s holding you back? Maybe you’re not too familiar with the world of consignment, and that’s ok.

Jesica Milton, owner and founder of Luxury on Demand, a new modernized consignment shop has a few tips to share.

Just because its consignment doesn't mean it's used.

Plenty of women buy items they never end up wearing, and a lot of those great finds end up in consignment shops with the price tags still on.

Be open minded...

Consignment shops are a great place to stumble across hard to find & under the radar labels. You might be on the hunt for Gucci but come home with a Goyard.

Browse often, and if you love it - buy it when you see it!

Everything is a one of a kind find, and the best bargains sell quickly.

These are just a few tips and really that’s all you need to know. There’s nothing hard about it, in fact if you’re not already on the consignment bandwagon, you’re missing all the fun.

Have you ever had that sense of thrill from finding a piece of treasure that’s still in great condition and at a great price? You may not all have time to scour racks, so thank goodness for online shops like Luxury on Demand. Milton, a fashion designer turned seeker of fabulous finds herself, has taken her eye for quality style and curated a collection of designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for you to find at your fingertips. 

To find out more about how to sell to consignment and shop it check out

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