Inside the Nordstrom Fall Designer Preview
The Nordstrom Fall Designer Preview was held at Pier 91 on July 24, 2014. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Inside the Nordstrom Fall Designer Preview

The room goes dark. The bass thumps. The first model walks out. The Nordstrom Fall Designer Preview has begun.

Every year, Nordstrom hosts their Designer Preview fashion show, where they preview collections they will be carrying in their stores from some of the most well-known brands in the world such as Valentino, Christian Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and more. This was their 28th annual fashion show, which was in partner with the Seattle Art Museum Supporters (SAMS).

It was held at the Smith Cover Terminal on Pier 91, and the runway show and boutique shopping was all in the same area. The event started off with cocktail hour where you could shop the fall designer collections including clothing, shoes and handbags.

There were some famous faces in the crowd including Gene Juarez, Catherine and Sean Lowe from The Bachelor, and Hollis Wong-Wear. Once cocktail hour had ended, everyone made his or her way over to the runway to let the show begin.

While each designer has their own uniqueness about their collections, there were some common trends woven throughout. Come fall, here are the top 5 trends that Seattleites can wear from day to night.

  1. Animal Textures. All sorts of (faux) fur, exotic animal prints, and feathers and shearling will be seen around the city this fall and winter. Not only is it chic and elegant, but it also will keep you warm.
  2. Oversized Outerwear. Coats have gone from very tailored to heavy and oversized for this coming fall and winter. They’re bigger, thicker, and less structured – Nordstrom refers to them as “surpercharged”. The good news is they’ll keep you warm, and you will be able to layer items underneath.
  3. 70s inspired patterns. The proceeds for the event was benefitting Seattle Art Museum’s Pop Departures exhibit, so it was no surprise that pop-art and 70’s glam was a trend we saw on the runways. With everything from polka dots, sequins, and mini skirts with knee high boots, it is apparent that 70’s glam is back in full force.
  4. Flat, tall boots. Let’s be honest – Seattle isn’t that dressy of a city. You get some looks if you’re walking around in heels and a dress in the middle of the day, and business casual definitely leans more on the casual side (think dark wash denim and a polo shirt). So I was happy to see that some flat boots have made their way into the trends this season. They’re comfortable, easy to walk in, yet still stylish and sophisticated. These boots can take you from the office to happy hour no problem.
  5. Embellishment. Sequins, glitter, pave and crystals aren’t just made for the evening black-tie events anymore! Prepare to see a lot more glitz and glamour this fall with metallic details at an all-time high. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of elegance during the daytime.

Be sure to stop in at Nordstrom to see all of the new designer collections for fall. If you’re not sure what key pieces you should pick up, they are always happy to pair you up with an expert to build your perfect wardrobe. Thank you again Nordstrom and Seattle Art Museum for another fabulous, inspirational event!

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