Lifestyle Photos: LUNAFest comes to Seattle Photos: LUNAFest comes to Seattle(Photo Gallery)

LUNAFest, the national tour of short films for, by and about women, took place last night in South Lake Union. Dedicated to promoting awareness on women's issues and particularly featuring female leaders in society this year, multiple local companies came together to make this night successful.

Lifestyle Yappy Hour at Belltown Pub Yappy Hour at Belltown Pub

Dog people - this one is for you! Grab your pup and come have a drink at the Belltown Pub today for Yappy Hour! All proceeds benefitting the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

Lifestyle Seattle's unique off-leash dog parks Seattle's unique off-leash dog parks(Photo Gallery)

Spring is in full swing and that means tails are wagging at full speed all over Seattle. Now that the sun is starting to beckon us outside again, dog owners are jumping at the chance to shake off the winter blahs and unleash their canine companions at Seattle’s 14 off-leash dog parks.

Lifestyle The lost art of letter writing The lost art of letter writing(Photo Gallery)

In the age of the internet, handwritten letters are rare. But when you receive one, it can leave a lasting impression. We take a look at the lost art of letter writing, through the eyes of one of Seattle’s newest letterpress printers, Rose and June Press owner Lyndsey Baldwin.

Lifestyle Glassybaby takes over wedding season Glassybaby takes over wedding season(Photo Gallery)

Wedding season is upon us, which means a lot of questionable bridesmaid dresses, plane tickets, and many trips to Crate & Barrel. Whether you're a bride or part of a wedding party, glassybaby has a registry and candle renting program that can class up any big day instantaneously.

Lifestyle What's a 'hipster' Seattle weekend? What's a 'hipster' Seattle weekend?

Seattle and Portland are known in the country for having a large population of hipsters, so much so that USA Today has written an article on what a Seattle hipster weekend looks like. We're just as excited as the rest to see what makes the cut!

Lifestyle Is this the next big app? Is this the next big app?(Photo Gallery)

What do copper mugs, flannel shirts, new app technology and taxidermy all have in common? They were all present in full force at the Sosh Campfire Social party Thursday night on Capitol Hill at Melrose Market Studios.

Lifestyle Flashback Friday: Fremont Flashback Friday: Fremont

Curbed Seattle posted a great photo gallery of Seattle neighborhood Fremont circa 1915. Check out what the North Seattle neighborhood looked like pre-Aurora Avenue, pre-Solstice Parade and pre-Troll.

Lifestyle Photos: Seattle Refined Launch Party Photos: Seattle Refined Launch Party(Photo Gallery)

It's been a while coming - but we are thrilled to celebrate the official launch of Seattle Refined. After all, nothing is 'official' without a party, right? We're so excited to be spending the night with our colleagues, coworkers and partners at our Four Seasons launch party. Thank you!

Lifestyle Most requested books in Seattle Most requested books in Seattle

There's the New York Times best seller list and Oprah's book club - but what about Seattle's own list of top reads? We talked to the Seattle Public Library, and they shared the five books and e-books with the most holds right now.

Lifestyle Most popular Seattle tattoos Most popular Seattle tattoos

Whether it’s a portrait of your mother, a tiny heart, or a partner’s name; all kinds of people have tattoos. We thought it would be fun to poll ten shops to see which exactly are the most popular tattoos here in the Northwest.

Lifestyle Seattle's most popular presidential streets Seattle's most popular presidential streets

How many Washington avenues, Lincoln boulevards, and Coolidge drives are there in the United States? Or in Seattle? A new Zillow study shows not only which presidents are the most popular for street names, but which tend to have the pricier houses on them.

Lifestyle Seattle ranks #7 as best city to be single Seattle ranks #7 as best city to be single

Thanks to Valentine's Day, February is usually the month of love and couples. But apparently it's also not a bad time to be single, especially in this city. Seattle has just been ranked the seventh best metro area in the country for singles by Zillow's Valentine's Day Index.

Lifestyle 5 things to do with your time now that Hawks season is over 5 things to do with your time now that Hawks season is over

That empty feeling inside? That hole in your heart that keeps aching? Yeah, we're all feeling it big time since Wednesday's parade. As magnificent of a day as that was, it still marked the end of the Seahawks season. Here are some things to do with your time in case you, like us, forgot what life was life B.H. (Before Hawks).

Lifestyle A beginner's guide to Crossfit A beginner's guide to Crossfit

Crossfit. The word can bring chills to any non-believer, and instantly commands images of super athletes flipping tires, women who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1967, and newbies vomiting into trash bins.

Lifestyle Seattle's online community marketplace SwopBoard takes off Seattle's online community marketplace SwopBoard takes off

What if someone combined, Craigslist, and Angie's List to create a local and charitable online marketplace? What if you could buy and sell things to and from your friends and neighbors, and profits would go directly to local schools? You might not be aware, but this magical place already exists, and it's called

Lifestyle Denver and Seattle Art Museums make the ultimate bet Denver and Seattle Art Museums make the ultimate bet

When you have two great cities full of confidence, pride and great artwork, and both are going to the Super Bowl, there's really only one option. The art museums in both cities need to bet major works of art on the outcome of the game. Low and behold, that's exactly what happened with the Seattle Art Museum and the Denver Art Museum.

Lifestyle Morning radio show host scores Super Bowl ticket...and decides not to go?! Morning radio show host scores Super Bowl ticket...and decides not to go?!

STAR 101.5 Kent & Alan Morning Show Host, Kent Phillips, found out on Wednesday that his name was selected in the season ticket holders lottery for the opportunity to purchase Super Bowl tickets.
Phillips, who has been a long time Seahawks ticket holder has sat through some pretty miserable seasons and it’s finally paid off.

Lifestyle Bringing [sexy] Justin back Bringing [sexy] Justin back(Photo Gallery)

When he stepped out onto the sold out Key Arena stage on Friday night it had been over six years since Justin Timberlake played a show in Seattle. But the singer/actor/dancer extraordinaire had not lost his magic touch, and spent over three hours proving it to the crowd.

Lifestyle Seattle Refined: Life is different here Seattle Refined: Life is different here

When I think about what makes the greater Seattle area such a unique place to live, work and play, it always comes back to the people. There is something special about the people that make up this city. It is hard to define, but life is different here.