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Koi fish are one of the most popular animal tattoos in Seattle. (Image: Thinkstock)

Most popular Seattle tattoos

Whether it’s a portrait of your mother, a tiny heart, or a partner’s name; all kinds of people have tattoos. We thought it would be fun to poll ten shops (found on Yelp) to see which exactly are the most popular here in the Northwest.

  1. Script/Lettering. Winning by a long shot, the vast majority of people are getting words, names, scripture, quotes, etc.
  2. Floral designs. Roses and dandelions especially seem to be the name of the tattoo game right now (for males and females).
  3. Portraits. This includes Obama, Jesus, Miley Cyrus, and dear old Mom.
  4. Feathers. Usually just one lone feather. 
  5. Ships/anchors. Note: we’re guessing the majority of people asking for anchors are in fact members of that one sorority, and not sailors or anything. 
  6. Animals. Most notably tigers and Koi fish (slightly opposite ends of the spectrum).
  7. Infiniti symbol. Apparently this is extremely popular right now with young women. Am I jaded to think it’s because of the TV show Revenge (the main character has one on her wrist)?
  8. Seahawks. SEA-HAWKS. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Pinups. Classic silhouettes of the iconic 1940s era female models.
  10. Skulls. This was much farther down in the list than I had thought! Maybe people are trading in their skulls for floral designs (we are the 9th happiest state now).
  11. Comic book characters/superheroes. This is Seattle after all, we still have our fair share of nerds.
  12. Pinterest. One of the tattoo artists I spoke to was particularly over people bringing in their Pinterest boards to make tattoos of their favorite designs.

We talked to Two Birds Tattoo, Artful Dodger, Slave to the Needle, Lucky Devil, Hidden Hand Tattoo, Seattle Tattoo Emporium, Fist Full of Metal, Liberty Tattoo, Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor, and Under The Needle


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