The Head and the Heart is WA's favorite band
Local band The Head and the Heart played at last year's Deck the Hall Ball at the Key Arena. (Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

The Head and the Heart is WA's favorite band

Music Machinery's Paul Lamere explores regional listening preferences of the U.S. to find out which Top 100 artists are the most popular in each state. For Washington state, that's local band The Head and the Heart

Lamere used the zip codes associated with a quarter million listeners, and compared state's individual data against the greater U.S. data. He then chose the most distinctive popular artist for a state that hadn't been already selected for a more populated state. 

For example, Eric Church is the 79th most popular artist in Tennessee, but the 286th most popular in New England. 

Check out each state's favorite below, and Lamere's full study on his blog, Music Machinery

 The most popular musical artists by state. (Image: Paul Lamere)

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