Melanie Biehle

Interior Design Writer

Melanie Biehle
Melanie Biehle
Interior Design Writer
Melanie Biehle is a creative branding consultant and blogger at Inward Facing Girl. She tells stories through words, images, and design.

Melanie grew up in the bayous of Louisiana, but calls Seattle her home. She's lived here four different times, between stops in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Her work has been featured online at The Huffington Post, Sunset Magazine, and UPPERCASE Magazine, and on popular design and art blogs including SFGirlByBay, Decor8, The Jealous Curator, and Apartment Therapy.

When she's not helping her clients bring their creative vision to life, you'll find her painting and creating collages, sipping cappuccino and eating a raspberry bullseye at Top Pot Doughnuts, scouting Seattle for cool contemporary art, or walking through the Olympic Sculpture Park and snapping photographs of her husband and three-year-old son.

Recent stories by Melanie Biehle

The Home A look at Living Room and TRACE at W Hotel Seattle A look at Living Room and TRACE at W Hotel Seattle(Photo Gallery)

Even before I knew that Living Room walked away with the top honor in the American Bars category of the 2013 UK and International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, I had decided that I needed to see and photograph it. The blend of color and architectural details makes it a must-visit spot for modern design fans.

The Home The White Issue The White Issue(Photo Gallery)

I don't think I would fare well in an all-white room, especially since I live with a chocolate-covered toddler, but I can appreciate the visual quietness that color white provides.

The Home Modern Conscience: a modern furniture workshop in Seattle Modern Conscience: a modern furniture workshop in Seattle(Photo Gallery)

Living in Santa Monica sparked my passion for modern design, and Todd Selby's live/work studio photography left me obsessed with the dwellings of creative types. When I had a chance to tour the real-life home and studio of Seattle-based Modern Conscience, to say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

The Home Treasure hunting in Seattle Treasure hunting in Seattle(Photo Gallery)

Seattle has some of the best places for unearthing vintage treasures. You often have to dig through a lot of less-than-fabulous finds to get to something that's worth taking home, but occasionally you're rewarded big for your patience.

The Home Get the look: Oddfellows Cafe Get the look: Oddfellows Cafe(Photo Gallery)

I wish Oddfellows Cafe had been around when I lived in Capitol Hill. You can't beat the lovely light, huge windows, high ceilings, and warm wood tones for an early morning or late afternoon inspiration session. If I can't move in, I can at least bring some of it home with me.