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Kate Sigafoos
Kate Sigafoos
Home/DIY Writer
Kate is Seattle Refined’s Home and DIY writer and creator of Nearly Crafty blog. A self described “birthday party obsessed mom”, Kate writes about both her crafting mishaps and lovely DIY projects.

Kate moved to Seattle from the Midwest because of promises of milder weather. In the first two weeks of her cross county move she was exposed to a 6.8 earthquake and a debilitating snowstorm. Not one to scare easily, she decided to stick it out here in the land of evergreens and fell deeply in love with the PNW.

Kate began her career as an auditor for Nordstrom before attending law school. She was a prosecuting attorney for 6 years, working the trial circuit like it was her job…which it was. She and her husband moved to Madrona, had a couple of babies, and she decided to stay home with the tots.

After having kids, Kate quickly realized she was a birthday party obsessed mom. In an effort to preserve her party memories (along with her other crafts) she started Nearly Crafty. Kate was also an editor for the Baby Gizmo blog and has been featured in Seattle’s own Make and Takes crafting blog.

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