Britt Thorson

Assistant Editor

Britt Thorson
Assistant Editor
Britt is the Assistant Editor at Seattle Refined. From health and fitness to concerts and events, Britt has her finger on the pulse of the Seattle scene.

Britt is a passionate Seattlite who loves to write, talk, eat and sleep (among some other things). She left this wonderful city for college at USC, and quickly moved back to the Pacific NorthBest as soon as she graduated. She’s a little obsessed and will defend this city to the death.

An all around communications junkie, Britt’s dabbled in broadcast journalism, radio, talent publicity, weeklies, and strategic planning firms. Outside of writing, her passions are kids and animals - she volunteers with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. 

When Britt isn’t talking or typing, she’s probably watching Law and Order: SVU and cuddling with her wonderful dog Bella, trying to get friends to go out dancing, or hauling away on the elliptical.

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How adorable are these little guys? And not that difficult to make (just snip the ears on regular rolls)! Blogger Nicole Bangerter of 'Mom Always Finds Out' has the full recipe on how to cuten up your Easter dinner tonight.

Eat & Drink Roundup: Easter specials Roundup: Easter specials

Not interested in hosting a huge family event at your house this Easter? We get it. Cooking, cleaning, hosting - no thanks. Luckily there are tons of restauarnts and bars out there who will not only be open on Easter Sunday, but are cooking up special menus just for you and your loved ones.

Lifestyle Photos: LUNAFest comes to Seattle Photos: LUNAFest comes to Seattle(Photo Gallery)

LUNAFest, the national tour of short films for, by and about women, took place last night in South Lake Union. Dedicated to promoting awareness on women's issues and particularly featuring female leaders in society this year, multiple local companies came together to make this night successful.

The Home Photos: Spectacular Seattle bathrooms Photos: Spectacular Seattle bathrooms(Photo Gallery)

No one really likes talking about them, but these throne rooms are extremely important facets of every house (and usually one of the few rooms that anyone coming over to your house is likely to see). helped us round up some of the more impressive bathrooms around the PNW.

Fashion & Beauty Take care of your shoes (rain or shine) Take care of your shoes (rain or shine)

We have to deal with a lot of rain here in the Pacific Northwest, but that shouldn't mean we can't buy and wear nice things - like shoes. We talked with Nordstrom Shoe Shine Manager Brent Perkins on how to take care of your shoes, puddles be darned.

The Home 37% of homes for sale in Seattle metro are unaffordable 37% of homes for sale in Seattle metro are unaffordable

A couple weeks ago we wrote about how the average Seattleite needs to be making $59,000 a year to afford a home in the area. We got a lot of feedback that that seemed too high - and you were right. New info shows that 37% of homes currently on the market in Seattle metro are unaffordable.

Travel SeaTac Airport doubles up on live music SeaTac Airport doubles up on live music

Great news for travelers - live music at SeaTac is doubling up! Port of Seattle, Seattle Music Commission and PlayNetwork have all come together to create the Experience the City of Music Program, which means twice the number of musicians playing in SeaTac, for twice the hours.