Britt Thorson


Britt Thorson
Britt edits and writes for Seattle Refined. She mainly covers the all-encompassing Lifestyle section, but can occasionally be found in Travel and Fashion as well.

Britt is a passionate Seattleite who loves to write, talk, eat and sleep (among some other things). She left this wonderful city for college at USC, and quickly moved back to the Pacific NorthBest as soon as she graduated. She’s a little obsessed and will defend this city to the death (it doesn't actually rain that much here! Chicago and NYC get more than us each year! Geez.)

An all around communications junkie, Britt’s dabbled in broadcast journalism, radio, talent publicity, weeklies, and strategic planning firms. Outside of writing, her passions are kids and animals - she volunteers with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and spends ridiculous amounts of time cuddling with her dog Bella.

When Britt isn’t talking or typing, she’s probably watching Law and Order: SVU, trying to get friends to go out dancing, or hauling away on the elliptical.

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