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The Home

What's cooking? Gorgeous kitchens

Usually the most important part of kitchens is what's cooking inside them. In these instances we'd be pretty happy eating cardboard and nails if it came with these views. Thanks for the photos of these amazing PNW kitchens!

The Home

The Home DIY: Pinhole lampshade DIY: Pinhole lampshade(Photo Gallery)

I recognize that most of you do not live in a rustic cabin and do not plan to decorate your home with wood grain and large forest animals. I made this particular lampshade for my toddler son’s woodland inspired room so it is actually appropriate for that venue.

The Home A look at Living Room and TRACE at W Hotel Seattle A look at Living Room and TRACE at W Hotel Seattle(Photo Gallery)

Even before I knew that Living Room walked away with the top honor in the American Bars category of the 2013 UK and International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, I had decided that I needed to see and photograph it. The blend of color and architectural details makes it a must-visit spot for modern design fans.

The Home Photos: Spectacular Seattle bathrooms Photos: Spectacular Seattle bathrooms(Photo Gallery)

No one really likes talking about them, but these throne rooms are extremely important facets of every house (and usually one of the few rooms that anyone coming over to your house is likely to see). helped us round up some of the more impressive bathrooms around the PNW.

The Home 37% of homes for sale in Seattle metro are unaffordable 37% of homes for sale in Seattle metro are unaffordable

A couple weeks ago we wrote about how the average Seattleite needs to be making $59,000 a year to afford a home in the area. We got a lot of feedback that that seemed too high - and you were right. New info shows that 37% of homes currently on the market in Seattle metro are unaffordable.

The Home Photos: Take a tour of Bruce Willis' Idaho mansion Photos: Take a tour of Bruce Willis' Idaho mansion(Photo Gallery)

Bruce Willis is selling his 8,400 square-foot mansion in Hailey for $8.8 million. The house, listed through Sun Valley Sotheby's International, features several ponds, streams and a pool with waterfalls. The house has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The Home Modern Home Tour: Into the woods Modern Home Tour: Into the woods(Photo Gallery)

Our second to last home on the Modern Home Tour is an escape into the woods - literally. This 3-bedroom north Seattle house was designed and built by PNW architect James Chiarelli as his personal home, and the current owners have put significant work into restoring the original design.

The Home Modern Home Tour: Let there be light Modern Home Tour: Let there be light(Photo Gallery)

Day three of our home tour brings us to West Seattle, and a home whose remodel accentuates open living and the beauty of light. The three bedroom house has a daylight basement and unobstructed views of the sky from the living room (and a hot tub, fire pit, and outdoor living spaces to boot).

The Home Framing art? There’s an app for that Framing art? There’s an app for that

Whether it’s a piece of gallery art, a map from an important trip, or your daughter’s first A+ homework assignment - hanging art in our homes is a way of making the space ours. A Seattle-based company has developed an app that takes the usual challenges of framing out of the equation.

The Home The White Issue The White Issue(Photo Gallery)

I don't think I would fare well in an all-white room, especially since I live with a chocolate-covered toddler, but I can appreciate the visual quietness that color white provides.

The Home Home maintenance? There’s a checklist for that Home maintenance? There’s a checklist for that

Being a homeowner can be exhausting for many reasons, one of the main being regular maintenance. If, like most people, you have kids, jobs, social activities, family obligations, etc., it can be hard to make sure your home gets the attention it needs.

The Home DIY: Picnic Blanket DIY: Picnic Blanket(Photo Gallery)

Winter is on the way out, which means scarves are on sale everywhere! Turn them into a picnic blanket, add a couple of belts to the mix, and you're set for all the spring/summer outings you'll be having!

The Home Meet your [local] Makr Meet your [local] Makr

MakrBox is a monthly sampling of 2-3 local, eco-friendly, and handmade items delivered directly to your door. Everything inside the box (a surprise each month!) has been handmade by your fellow Northwesterners.

The Home Modern Conscience: a modern furniture workshop in Seattle Modern Conscience: a modern furniture workshop in Seattle(Photo Gallery)

Living in Santa Monica sparked my passion for modern design, and Todd Selby's live/work studio photography left me obsessed with the dwellings of creative types. When I had a chance to tour the real-life home and studio of Seattle-based Modern Conscience, to say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

The Home Get the look: Oddfellows Cafe Get the look: Oddfellows Cafe(Photo Gallery)

I wish Oddfellows Cafe had been around when I lived in Capitol Hill. You can't beat the lovely light, huge windows, high ceilings, and warm wood tones for an early morning or late afternoon inspiration session. If I can't move in, I can at least bring some of it home with me.

The Home Treasure hunting in Seattle Treasure hunting in Seattle(Photo Gallery)

Seattle has some of the best places for unearthing vintage treasures. You often have to dig through a lot of less-than-fabulous finds to get to something that's worth taking home, but occasionally you're rewarded big for your patience.

The Home Groupon buys ideeli for $43 million Groupon buys ideeli for $43 million

As it looks to expand beyond the email daily deals business, Groupon has purchased online "flash-sale" retailer ideeli for $43 million in cash.

The Home Gadget Watch: Crystal clear sound in glass speaker Gadget Watch: Crystal clear sound in glass speaker

Ever tried to play a tune by rubbing the rim of a crystal wine glass? One company has polished that idea so much that the phrase "crystal clear sound" will now have a different meaning.

The Home Consumer Reports rates top mattresses Consumer Reports rates top mattresses(Video)

A mattress can be one of the toughest purchases to make. So many choices. So many prices. And there always seems to be a blow out sale going on somewhere. Consumer Reports put two dozen mattresses through rigorous tests to help you find the right one.