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These Seattle zip codes are chock full of millennials

Millennials are everywhere - especially in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Drawn to our booming tech industry and plentiful job market, it's hard to find a neighborhood that doesn't have at least two apartment complexes and condo units going up to house this generation.

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The Home 10 items that sum up Seattle décor 10 items that sum up Seattle décor (Photo Gallery)

MyHabit, the online designer sale site, has been going around the country this summer showcasing certain cities with unique vibes. Our Emerald City is last on their list after Portsmouth, Nashville, Dallas and Palm Springs. Take a look at the 10 products they think sum up the quirky style of our city, and see if you agree!

The Home Photos: Pops of color in the PNW Photos: Pops of color in the PNW (Photo Gallery)

When most people think about the Pacific Northwest, the color that comes to mind is gray. And while that might describe our weather 8+ months of the year, that doesn't have to be the color inside our houses! Here are some Porch houses who have broken the mold - and gone crazy with color!

The Home Saying goodbye to the historic Mercer Island Coval House Saying goodbye to the historic Mercer Island Coval House (Photo Gallery)

After multiple appeals, the Mercer Island City council approved a plan in July that will tear down the five acre Mercer Island Coval House to make way for sixteen other homes to be built on the property. The MI 84th Limited Partnership bought the property for $7 million from Myer and Barbara Coval last year.

The Home Urban Farming: Residential Edition Urban Farming: Residential Edition (Photo Gallery)

On Friday we looked at the rooftop garden by Seattle Urban Farm Company (SUFCo) on top of the South Lake Union Stack House apartment complex. While we were tickled by the idea of a city farm for the masses of tenants, most of the work SUFCo does is for residential gardens. Here's a look at one planted on top of a garage in Magnolia.

The Home Photos: Wonderful water features Photos: Wonderful water features (Photo Gallery)

Earlier in the week it was so hot, everytime we passed a water fountain or decorative pond we wanted to jump in. Now that it's cooled off we're not having those same problems - but helped us finding some local water features that are beautiful nonetheless (to look at!) Swimming not advised.