Cookbooks and Classes at Book Larder in Fremont
Book Larder is Seattle's community cookbook store located in Fremont. (Image: Melanie Biehle/Seattle Refined)

Cookbooks and Classes at Book Larder in Fremont

I don’t cook or bake, but my husband does. Gourmet homemade ice cream from David Lebovitz, tasty treats from Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk Bar, Bon Appétit’s Chocolate Rads recipe adapted by Molly Wizenberg, and the foolproof Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie are some of the wonderful concoctions that come out of our tiny kitchen. Yes, I know. I’m incredibly lucky, and very grateful. 

A couple of years ago I gave my husband a pie baking class for his birthday. It was held at Book Larder in Fremont, Seattle’s community cookbook store. Megan Gordon of Seattle-based Marge Granola and A Sweet Spoonful taught attendees how to bake a Cardamom Plum Pie, a perfect summer treat. Upcoming classes include quick one-hour lunch break lessons by Rachael Coyle and Erin Coopey on Mondays in August, Mary Karlin’s Mastering Fermentation demonstration class on August 11th, and a “Cool” Summer Cooking class with Olaiya Land on August 19th. 

In addition to book signings, pop-up bakeries, and classes, Book Larder has cookbooks. Lots of cookbooks. Cookbooks with mouthwatering covers that make a graphic designer/photographer who doesn’t bake or cook want to take them home just because they’re so beautiful. The typography and design are the first things that make me pick up a book, followed by the food that rests between the front and back covers, and Book Larder has stacks of lovelies that need to come live with me. 

If you’re looking for a perfect Seattle souvenir during your summer travels, load up on local cookbooks and food writing from Book Larder. Their stock includes books from major publishers as well as gorgeous, high-quality self-published books that may be harder for you to find at home. 

Take a break from the heat with some cool cookbooks. Book Larder is located in Seattle at 4252 Fremont Avenue North in Seattle. 

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