DIY: Hand Painted Bobby Pins
This is a fast and fun project that can be done with items you likely have lying around your house as we speak. (Image: Kate Sigafoos / Seattle Refined)

DIY: Hand Painted Bobby Pins

 When my days get stressful I start feeling a bit nostalgic and long for simpler times. Nothing provides me a brief respite from grown up worries more than closing my eyes and remembering the summers of my childhood. Sitting outside in the grass for hours, being shoeless from June to September, and having absolutely no obligations. What I wouldn’t give for just one day like that now!

This craft is one of my favorite DIY projects and it dates back to those long, uneventful summers. I used to make these hand painted bobby pins a few times each summer on the rare days when I stayed inside. As an adult, I make them when I want to spruce up my accessory wardrobe but don’t actually feel like leaving the house. This is a fast and fun project that can be done with items you likely have lying around your house as we speak.


  • Nail polish
  • Bobby pins
  • Paper

How To

  1. Slide your bobby pins onto the edge of a piece of paper. Make sure the entire bobby pin is on the paper. Also, leave about ½ inch of space between the bobby pins.
  2. Cover the flat side of the bobby pin with nail polish. (Did you know you are supposed to wear bobby pins with the ridged side down? Consider your mind blown.)
  3. If you want to create dots or layers, you don’t even need to wait for the bottom layer of polish to dry. You can just use the corner of the brush to create dots right on top of the wet polish.
  4. Let the bobby pins dry.
  5. (Optional) Cover the polished bobby pins with a clear coat of polish to seal the paint. Let dry.
  6. Once the bobby pins are dry, remove from the paper and enjoy!

Note: You can also be a bit more bold and make patterns by grouping a bunch of bobby pins together and painting them all at once. Here is my version of a chevron on the bobby pins!


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