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DIY: Modern Planter

DIY: Modern Planter
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The cheesiest part of any live music performance is when the singer, exhausted, covered in sweat, and needing a break, slows things down a bit by doing their “this is for all you love birds out there” shtick. It never feels organic. It never feels current. It never fails to creep me out.

With that said…this craft is for all you non-crafty types out there. It is for those of you who feel like they will never find a glue gun that truly gets you. It is for those of you who feel like they do not ever have the time to give themselves fully to crafting. It is for those of you who are still recovering from the heartache of their last crafting fail. This little DIY goes out to you…


  • 2 plant pots – These need to be the same size, but it doesn’t matter what they look like because we are going to paint them. I got these two (horrible unattractive) pots from the dollar store.
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • Spray paint

How To

  • Turn your pots upside down and remove any dirt, dust, or muck from the bottom of the pots.
  • Run a line of hot glue around the entire bottom rim of one pot.
  • Flip the other pot over and press the bottoms of the two pots together.
  • Once the glue has set, take the pots to a well-ventilated area and spray paint them a color of your choosing. If you are going with a light color and your pots have a pattern, you might want to prime them with white paint first. I love the clean look of a white planter. I also know sometimes you just need a bit of crazy bright yellow in your life.
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