Glassybaby introduces 'Smooch,' 'Whisper' and 'XO' in time for Valentine's Day
This Valentine's Day set called Wiltless includes three candle holders: Sweet Pea, Peony and Poppy and are going for $132. (Image: glassybaby)

Glassybaby introduces 'Smooch,' 'Whisper' and 'XO' in time for Valentine's Day

It's not a real holiday in Seattle unless there are AT LEAST six corresponding glassybaby colors associated with it. We can't decide what we like more: the actual candle holders, or seeing what their names are.

Are you and your boo an "XO" couple? Or more traditionally "Wiltless"? Don't forget those sassy "Pillow Talk" twosomes.

Guys, if you're giving your lady one of these glassybaby sets for Valentine's Day, ditch the accompanying diamonds. Each set of two to three candles is between $88 and $132.

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