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This residential farm in Magnolia was built on top of the owner's garage, and was designed specifically to fit in with the Tuscan aesthetic. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Urban Farming: Residential Edition

On Friday we looked at the rooftop garden by Seattle Urban Farm Company (SUFCo) on top of the South Lake Union Stack House apartment complex. SUFCo prides themselves on "developing economically sound, city-based farming ventures."

While we were tickled by the idea of a city farm for all the tenants, most of the work SUFCo does is on residential farms. Here's a look at one planted on top of a garage in Magnolia.

"The owner really wanted a garden that fit in with the Tuscan theme of his house," said Jessica Roundy, an Urban Farmer & Landscape Designer with SUFCo. "We went through seven or eight potential layouts before we decided on this one."

This particular garden farm is on top of the garage, which had to be retrofitted to withstand the weight of it.

"It's a really unique space," said Roundy. "To have a full southern exposure rooftop? It's perfect."

SUFCo charges between $1,000 to $5,000 for designs, and then the building process can be as little as $5k or as much as $100k. 

"People can be as involved in their farm as they want," said Roundy. "We give them a crop checklist where they can literally check off what they'd like in their garden, and we take care of it."

SUFCo also offers the 'maintain' option of their Design, Build, Maintain mantra - where they come in a couple times a week or month to trim, water, etc.

"We have someone here at this particular garage farm every other week," said Roundy. "They come often enough to control pests, diseases and just assure the success of the garden."

Next up? We'll look at the third kind of garden SUFCo operates: the restaurant garden.

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