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West Elm puts local goods on their shelves

West Elm puts local goods on their shelves

Seattle has a lot of talented people making wonderful things – this is evident any time you click into the local section of Etsy. And as small crafters it can be discouraging when larger national chain stores opt for the mass produced vendors instead of looking in their own backyards for talent. 

West Elm agrees. The national furniture and accessories store has locations all over the country – and each store is adding in a West Elm Local section, showcasing local vendors and their products. Eight have it right now, and one of those is our very own here in Seattle.

Launched last night, West Elm Local Seattle is starting out with nine local vendors, but will be slowly adding more over time. Here’s a look at the starting lineup, and the goods you’ll now be seeing on the shelves:

HANDSworkshop – Design studio constantly inspired by geography and architecture.
Herbivore Botanicals – Plant-based skincare.
Jessalin Beutler – Clothing, textiles, art, and wholesale.
Kri Kri Studio - Handmade whimsical ceramics.
Piano Nobile – Fine art and craft from a design studio and fabrication workshop.
Pine & Boon – Handmade bags and textiles.
Raw Materials Design – Simple and durable goods, American-made from 100% cotton.
Three Bad Seeds – Quality handcrafted goods from fine fabrics.
Vol.25 – Canvas art prints and vintage inspired science posters.

West Elm Seattle chose these shops through word of mouth, recommendations, and simple pitching. After they've been sent to corporate for approval, and it's deemed that the goods meet the standards and vibe of West Elm, they're in!

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