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The Home Crafting, Thanksgiving Style Crafting, Thanksgiving Style (Photo Gallery)

If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year - the slow creep of anxiety in preparation for the big day is already upon you. Never fear! Local blogger Malia Karlinsky has some quick, easy and adorable crafting ideas. Bonus? The kids can do them!

The Home Inside a Space Age Seward Park house Inside a Space Age Seward Park house (Photo Gallery)

Who knew that over the hill and through the woods, there was a 'concept house' in Seward Park built for the future? This Jet City Original by Ken Koehler AIA resembles a stationed rocket ship, and was designed for display at the 1963 Home Show in the Seattle Coliseum.

The Home Holiday Decor Ideas Holiday Decor Ideas (Photo Gallery)

We've just entered the time of year when it's officially considered appropriate to start getting in the spirit. Maybe don't play your holiday music just yet (in public), but we're pretty sure buying wreaths and ornaments and such are A-OK.