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A new look for AAA means a new experience for travelers
AAA gets a makeover. (Image: Josh Lewis/Seattle Refined)

A new look for AAA means a new experience for travelers

AAA, the company perhaps best known for it’s roadside assistance and travel deals, is getting a makeover.  

Earlier this year, the company rolled out its new look and its new name, “Cruise and Travel presented by AAA,” at its Tacoma location. Inspired by the retail capabilities offered by Starbucks, Apple and other innovative companies, the brand is delivering an entire experience to would-be travelers. 
New entities include a members lounge, private conference rooms and even personal computer pods. Every detail of the store, even the lighting, is designed with the traveler experience in mind. And customers are taking notice. One traveler said about the remodel, “I get such a good feeling in this building, it feels like it has lots of energy ...  I’m going to come back in and sit in your customer lounge and read some cruise magazines. I love this place, I will definitely be back.”
Even as a card-carrying member, you may be unfamiliar with the travel assistance AAA offers. Help booking cruises, passport photos and personalized route maps are standard, but the new Tacoma store also has a retail section with luggage, packing aids and travel accessories. And don’t fret if you’re not a member, the company’s travel and insurance services are available to everyone. New technology makes each process, from booking a hotel to signing yourself up for car insurance, quick and seamless. 
Check out the photo gallery to see more of AAA’s upgrade or experience it for yourself at 1801 S. Union Avenue in Tacoma.

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