3 Vitamins That Can Help Prevent Pain

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Vitamins come from many sources. From the calcium in your milk, to the rays of sun hitting your face as your walk your dog, vitamins help your body stay healthy and ward off disease.  By working from the inside out, vitamins help to strengthen your immune system. And, studies have shown they could be a key factor in the prevention and treatment of chronic pain. Here are three vitamins that could help keep your pain at bay.

1.    Vitamin C
Found in oranges and bell peppers, among other foods, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that’s been shown to reduce Complex Regional Pain Syndrome following wrist and foot or ankle surgery. If you’re experiencing joint pain, have your doctor take a look at your Vitamin C levels. A deficiency could be adding to your discomfort. 
2.    Vitamin B
 The B vitamins are a group of eight individual vitamins, often referred to as the B-complex. These vitamins are critical for nerve health. There have been successes in using high doses of the B-complex to treat diabetic neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy. B vitamins may aid in the reduction of chronic pain by inhibiting a main signaling pathway inside nerve cells. Studies have shown a high intake of Vitamin B, well above the recommended 2.4 mcg daily dose (for adults), could have a positive effect on chronic pain.
3.    Vitamin D
 Sometimes referred to as “The Sunshine Vitamin,” Vitamin D could also make a difference in chronic pain treatment. In the past decade, several studies have found an association between Vitamin D deficiency and chronic pain that doesn’t respond to treatment. Vitamin D is a hormone and every part of our body, from bones, to muscles, to brain cells is receptive to it. Ideal levels of Vitamin D are 30-40 ng/mL for adults. You can get Vitamin D from fatty fish like salmon and tuna, and from direct sunlight (be sure to wear sunscreen.)
Chronic pain comes down to your overall health and vitamins are necessary to maintain a healthy body. While vitamins may not be a cure for chronic pain, they can play a large part in a comprehensive pain solution. Talk with a specialist, like the ones at the Washington Center for Pain Management about the right treatment plan for you.