4 Reasons to Choose Comprehensive Pain Management

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Chronic pain affects everyone differently. Whether back pain, joint pain, or migraine headaches, no two people have the same symptoms or the same scale of discomfort. Chronic pain affects about 15 percent of the population and many sufferers have yet to find long-term relief. Comprehensive, or interdisciplinary pain management can help sufferers treat their chronic pain on several levels. Here’s a look at how comprehensive pain management could work for you.

1.    1.  It offers a variety of treatment options.
Comprehensive pain management works to find the true source of the pain and attack it with an arsenal of evidence based treatments, such as medications, procedures for diagnosis and treatment, psychological therapies and complimentary alternative techniques to improve outcomes.
2.    2.  Several practitioners are working to treat your pain.
When you receive treatment at a pain center, like the Washington Center for Pain Management, your treatment is coordinated to include medication management, interventional procedures and psychology. That means your attending physician is talking to all the members of your care team. Several experts work hand-in-hand to create a customized plan specific to your pain.
3.    3.  The results can last longer.
Comprehensive pain management works to treat the source of the pain. A study of military personal suffering from chronic pain utilized a comprehensive treatment plan, consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy and psychosocial intervention. Another group received standard anesthesia treatment. After one year, the group that took part in the comprehensive treatment plan showed higher levels of function and fitness, and lower levels of pain than the group receiving anesthesia treatment. Ready about the study here.
4.     4.  Medications, interventional procedures and other treatments are organized together and are    outcomes focused.
       There is a pool of resources, such as medications, interventions and psychological tools to coordinate together to optimize your outcome.
Chronic pain can keep you from living your life to the full extent. Whether you suffer from back pain, joint pain or headaches, a comprehensive pain management plan will get to the root of your discomfort and may treat it without surgery. The doctors at the Washington Center for Pain Management can help you find the most effective interdisciplinary treatment today.