Should you participate in clinical research?

chronic pain clinical trial

Most physicians participate in clinical research because they feel it helps make them better doctors.  Clinical research allows doctors to follow patients in a carefully planned treatment program.  Patients often gain valuable insights and treatment for their painful condition.

In fact, one of the myths of clinical research is that patients don’t receive the best quality care due to the experimental nature research.  Participating in a clinical research protocol allows patients to receive cutting edge care closely monitored by the FDA and a patient advocating institutional review board. 

Researchers in the field of pain management are making huge steps every day, but to make strides toward better, more effective care, the men and women who study new medications and treatment options need patients. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, clinical research may not only be a way for you to find relief -- it may also help others in the future. 

Research in the field of medicine is critical to the growth and improvement of patient care, and is especially important in the field of chronic pain management, which has changed significantly due to new information. Clinical trials, which are an integral part of clinical research, may be studying the effectiveness or safety of new medications, or be focused on improving existing treatments and medications. 

If you suffer from chronic pain, participating in clinical research can be a good way to explore new treatment options, while also helping further the field of medicine. Many clinical research opportunities are also paid, meaning you’ll be both compensated for your time (basic whole health is monitored), as well as treated with exciting new methods of pain management.

The Washington Center for Pain Management is active in chronic pain clinical research, and has multiple opportunities for participation. If you’re considering taking part in a clinical trial or study, please visit the Washington Center for Pain Management’s website