Alternative disciplines, real results: Yoga, Tai Chi for lower back pain

yoga for pain

Medication is a frequent first line of defense in chronic pain, but true multidisciplinary pain management goes well beyond simply numbing the pain -- and research has shown that somewhat alternative methods of treatment, like yoga and Tai Chi, can help reduce chronic pain and improve quality of life.

One Seattle-based study found that gentle stretching and yoga not only netted more positive outcomes for patients suffering from lower back pain, but also helped with back functionality and mobility.

Tai chi, too, has been found to relieve lower back pain in a way that is both safe and simple -- the slow, graceful movements allow for controlled motions, and require little equipment or investment.

If your pain management professional seems resistant to alternative methods that have been thoroughly researched, or if you’re curious about your other pain management options, contact the Washington Center for Pain Management. Our multidisciplinary specialists can help you build a pain management program that’s right for you.