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Fireside Home Solutions Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration Sponsored:Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration
People who live in the northwest know that a warm summer day doesn’t equal a warm summer night. Sweaters and fires are a must when enjoying the great outdoors after the sun goes down. A trend that’s been gaining in popularity with homeowners is outdoor fireplaces.
Fireside Home Solutions Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage Sponsored:Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage
The sun is showing itself more often and the days are getting longer; spring is officially here. The warmer temperatures of the season often encourage homeowners to tackle home improvement projects, and a lot of times the bulk of the work takes place in the garage.
Fireside Home Solutions Choosing the Right Garage Door Material Sponsored:Choosing the Right Garage Door Material
Garage doors don’t need yearly upgrades. In fact, most garage doors last upwards of 20 years, so when the time comes to get a new one, you might be surprised by the amount of choices available. Today’s garage doors are better insulated; more secure and require less maintenance.
Fireside Home Solutions What is a Zero Clearance Fireplace? Sponsored:What is a Zero Clearance Fireplace?
The process of picking out a new fireplace, or upgrading your current one, can be overwhelming. There are so many choices of materials, styles and sizes, where should you begin? A good place to start is by learning the definition of a zero clearance fireplace.
Fireside Home Solutions Pellet Stoves vs. Wood Stoves Sponsored:Pellet Stoves vs. Wood Stoves
Recognized as the “darling” of the green home heating world, pellet stoves seem like a smart choice for any homeowner looking to warm up this winter. While they do let off considerably fewer emissions than older wood stoves, pellet stoves are not without issues.
Fireside Home Solutions 4 Reasons to Choose Gas Sponsored:4 Reasons to Choose Gas
Nothing beats the warmth and comfort of a fireplace on a chilly night. There’s something nostalgic about staring in to the flames and hearing the embers pop as you curl up with your favorite book or movie.
Fireside Home Solutions 4 Tips for Picking a Gas Fireplace Sponsored:4 Tips for Picking a Gas Fireplace
As the temperature drops and winter makes it way toward the Northwest, you may be thinking about investing in a fireplace. You know there are many types of fireplaces available and after some careful consideration you decide a gas fireplace makes the most sense for your home.
Fireside Home Solutions Add Value to Your Home with a New Garage Door Sponsored:Add Value to Your Home with a New Garage Door
Your garage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to increase the value of your home. However the garage can account for 20 to 40 percent of your home’s square footage; and is a major selling point for some buyers, so it’s not a feature to overlook.