The Importance of Regular Fireplace Servicing

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 Fireplaces have been around as long as people have known how to build them. Although the design of the fireplace has changed through trial and error, the basic construction remains the same. Hot air rises because it is less dense than the air around it, sucking colder air down into the fire to create a cycle of heat that constantly fuels the fire. From fire pits to elaborate multi-room heating systems, fireplaces are an integral part of many modern houses.

Regular servicing is necessary to make sure home fireplaces function efficiently year in and year out. Servicing can troubleshoot problems and help prevent future issues.
Damper Issues
Professional cleaning can clean out any soot buildup that may prevent owners from fully opening the dampers. When soot builds up on the smoke shelf it can impede the damper from opening all the way, preventing proper ventilation.
A ½” buildup of soot will restrict the air flow by 17% for a typical masonry fireplace chimney, and by up to 30% for the average prefab. Animals can also take up residence in chimneys left unused during the summer months. An easy solution to both problems is regular cleaning and a chimney cap. 
Keeping a fireplace service can make sure it looks just as new as the day it was purchased. Mineral deposits can etch into glass, and improperly serviced hardware can cause lasting damage. Annual fireplace servicing can prevent this unappealing effects from taking place.
On-the-spot Troubleshooting
Just because a fireplace is functioning doesn’t mean there isn’t an underlying issue that could appear later. The last thing a homeowner needs in a cold winter is to have a fireplace that doesn’t work the way it should. Servicers can spot the issues that homeowners might not be able to recognizing -- saving time and resources in the long haul.
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