Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage

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The sun is showing itself more often and the days are getting longer; spring is officially here. The warmer temperatures of the season often encourage homeowners to tackle home improvement projects, and a lot of times the bulk of the work takes place in the garage. Rising temperatures also mean a rise in outdoor activities, leading to an increased usage of your garage and garage door opener. Here are a few tips to get your garage ready for the busy months ahead.

1.    Get Organized. 
Changing seasons mean a changing need for certain items. Snow shovels and ice scrapers can move to the back, while gardening tools and bikes should be placed in an easy-access location, preferable near the exit of the garage. This is also a good time to store dangerous chemicals, tools and recreational items out of reach of young children.
2.    Give it a good sweep.
When the garage door opens multiple times each day to let cars in and out dust, dirt, oil and chemicals can accumulate. These materials can be tracked inside, causing damage to carpets and hardwood floors. Give your garage a sweep every month or so and think about power washing it at least once this season to really get the grime out of your garage floor.
3.    Protect its insides.
Spring showers can cause damage to your garage if there are cracks and holes in your doors. Check the surfaces of your garage doors for any damage and repair them before a big storm comes along. You can also paint your doors, walls and floors with waterproof paint to help repel the rain.
Spring storms can also cause power outages. For the convenience and safety of your family, you may want to consider a garage door opener with a battery back up. These doors will allow you to get in and out of the garage, even if the power goes out. The experts at Fireside Home Solutions have the knowledge to help you choose the right garage door for your home. Call 425-747-FIRE for your free in-home consultation today.