Why Grill with a Big Green Egg?

Why Grill with a Big Green Egg?
The XLarge EGG in a Nest with Mates. (Photo Courtesy: www.biggreenegg.com)


It looks like a distant relative of R2D2 and is a legend among backyard grillers. A Big Green Egg can turn your outdoor dinner in to a feast and make believers out of barbeque snobs. So what exactly is this thing and why is it such a coveted backyard accessory?
Big Green Egg is a company that produces Kamado style grills. The ceramic structure reaches cooking temperature (anywhere from 200 – 750 degrees Fahrenheit) in a matter of minutes and holds heat for even cooking. Each grill’s patented airflow controls allow you to maintain total control over the temperature. This allows you to grill, smoke and bake at exact temperatures, something many indoor ovens still struggle with. The Big Green Egg uses charcoal, and getting it going is quick and easy because of the airflow design.
The ceramic surface of The Big Green Egg is safer than a standard metal grill, as it doesn’t get as hot and the heat source is protected within a firebox inside the base. The shell is also able to withstand a range of external temperatures. This means you don’t have to worry about the shell cracking if you get a hankering to grill in the middle of January.
The Big Green Egg is also a snap to clean up. The glazed exterior easily wipes clean without the help of cleaners and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The stainless steel cooking grid acts like a self-cleaning oven by using residual heat to burn away any grease.
Available in five different sizes, there’s a Big Green Egg for every backyard or tailgate. Whether you’re cooking for two or twenty, The Big Green Egg is sure to be a hit at your next cookout. The Big Green Egg is only available from authorized dealers, like Fireside Home Solutions. Stop by their showroom and see if The Big Green Egg is right for your home.