Master Builder Tips to Keep Energy Costs Down Sponsored: Tips to Keep Energy Costs Down
A key component of energy efficiency is proper maintenance. Even if you can’t afford to make energy upgrades to your home, the following suggestions will help you lower your energy bills.

Heating is one of our biggest energy expenses.
Master Builder Trends in Home Building Sponsored: Trends in Home Building
In the last several years there has been a significant shift towards reducing energy costs and carbon emissions by incorporating green principles into home design, building and operation. Homes that consume less energy and have a lower carbon footprint also generate lower energy and operating costs.
Master Builder Is Your Garage Making You Sick? Sponsored: Is Your Garage Making You Sick?
Short answer: If you have an attached garage, the answer could be yes. As convenient as attached garages are, there is mounting evidence that they can be responsible for negatively affecting indoor air quality.
Master Builder Grow Your Garden in the Shade Sponsored: Grow Your Garden in the Shade
It’s rare that a garden or yard is fully engulfed in sunshine. But if you have shady areas in your yard where nothing seems to grow, you don’t have to give up those dreams for color, drama and vibrant blossoms. There is a suprising variety of plants that actually thrive in the shade.
Master Builder  Sustainable Building Trends Sponsored: Sustainable Building Trends
“Going green” isn’t just a flash in the pan. For more and more Puget Sound homeowners, sustainability is an important part of planning a dream home. Here are some of the popular sustainable features currently on trend.

Ductless Heat Pumps are continuing to gain in popularity.
Master Builder What to Expect When Planning an Addition Sponsored: What to Expect When Planning an Addition
Many homeowners love their neighborhood and their home and have no desire to move, but due to changes in the size of their family, they really need more space. A home addition can provide extra living space and add resale value to your home.
Master Builder Call Before You Dig - It's the Law! Sponsored: Call Before You Dig - It's the Law!
You have decided to put in a new fence. Or, maybe you think your yard could use some sprucing up by planting a few new trees. Whatever the reason, you plan to dig on your property. But before you break ground, put down the shovel, and call 811 first.
Master Builder 3 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs Sponsored: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs
The Puget Sound area’s mild, maritime climate makes this an ideal spot for drastically lowering home power consumption. According to a recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the average energy bill for a typical single-family American home is approximately $2,200 per year.
Master Builder Recovering from Storm Damage Sponsored: Recovering from Storm Damage
Powerful storms are a part of living in the Northwest, so it’s important to know what to do if a storm has damaged your home.
First, stay calm. Do not touch anything until you are sure there are no fallen power lines or other hazards on your property. Evaluate the structure.
Master Builder How Smart is your Home? Sponsored: How Smart is your Home?
One of the big, emerging trends in remodeling is smarter, less costly automated controls. It is becoming more and more affordable to control your home’s systems – temperature, security, electronics, lighting and more – through a single device, even from an iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Master Builder The Garage: Not Just for Cars Sponsored: The Garage: Not Just for Cars
If you are thinking about replacing your old garage you may be wondering if you can use the original concrete slab. The viability of an old slab depends on how the slab and foundation were built and whether you are staying in the same footprint as the old garage.