6 decorating ideas for empty walls

6 decorating ideas for empty walls

Your walls are bare and those lovely prints you dream of buying at Urban Outfitters are painfully expensive and three friends already own them. So here are a few ways to decorate the walls uniquely and cheaply:

Make Your Own Pop Art
There are a few websites where you can upload a photo of your pet, your child or another beloved treasure and turn it into a gorgeous pop art piece to hang on your wall. Some sites charge as little as $65. It might be close to as much as a print you can find at IKEA, but it’s custom and it’s yours. This is something that will always connect with you regardless of where you’re living.

Frame Paper
It sounds weird, but hitting up a nice vintage or thrift store can be beneficial when you look for tiny things. Pieces of paper, to be exact. Old postcards, pieces of wallpaper, or newspaper can easily get up on the wall in a cheap frame. A group of them can be put in a cool formation that’s easily changed and you saved a ton of cash. (You can also turn newspapers into poetry.)

Wall Decals
Removable wall decals aren’t just for kids rooms anymore. In fact, you can find really amazing ones for adults that cost as little as $5. A solid internet search will also lead you to some sites that will create custom wall decals if you’ve got some more cash and are looking for something completely original.

Wall Shelves
Floating wall shelves are easy to find, and fairly low-cost. It’s how you arrange them, however, that makes them unique. Finding shelves in different shapes enables you to configure them so they can hold everything from books and photos to candles and trinkets.

While you’re at that vintage store, or thrift store, or garage sale, find yourself some strangely shaped plates with weird patterns or pictures of kittens on them. Then hit up the hardware store for some hangers and boom -- you have a ton of color and a really weird art display to show off.


No need to buy crazy expensive tapestries from boutiques. Hit up the fabric store and find a pattern that is bright, unique and totally your style to hang on a wall behind your couch or bed to brighten up the room. Best part about this? It comes down in a snap and can be changed every season.