Do You Own One of the Rarest U.S. Coins?

Imagine this: you open up one of those old boxes sitting in your basement or attic and find a small leather bag. Inside the bag are some old coins, so you sit down and begin to sift through them. Most likely, you’ll have a handful of historical curiosities, which might be worth a few dollars. However, there’s always the possibility that you could find a rare coin, or one of America’s most valuable coins. So when you’re cleaning out your basement, scouring flea markets and visiting estate sales, keep your eyes open for these five coins.

It’s true that most of us don’t have an 1894-S Barber Dime sitting in a box in the basement, but there are all kinds of valuable old coins. If want to see how much your old coins are worth, take it to the Seattle coin shop that can tell you the most about rare coins and coin collecting. Visit the experts at West Seattle Coins and Bellevue Rare Coins in West Seattle, Bellevue and Lynnwood.

West Seattle Coins and Bellevue Rare Coins specialize in gold buying and dealing in rare coins. We are a family-owned business that was first established in 1979 and is now located in West Seattle, Bellevue and Lynnwood. We also buy and sell gold, silver, diamonds, currency and jewelry. Visit us first for a free evaluation.
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