Save Money with Affordable Health Care Services

You can save money by utilizing the health care services from Sprig Health providers, such as such as primary care doctor visits, chiropractic treatment, eye exam and urgent care.


Health care transparency is top of mind in many news articles these days. As the cost of health care continues to rise and impact everyone’s pocket book Sprig Health has created a centralized place where people can quickly compare health care options and prices and confirm an appointment with a medical professional in three easy steps.

Uninsured and insured people are using to schedule a health care appointment at a straightforward price – without pre-approvals or the need for a health insurance membership card.


Finding a Massage Therapist in Seattle Just Got Easier

We understand that you need that laptop, e-reader, and smartphone to stay connected. We know that it’s just not that easy to turn off your electronic devices so that you can ease chronic pain in your shoulders from so many long hours in front of those electronics. We can tell you what just got easier.

Facing the Costs of Imaging in Seattle

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We know that statistics behind unemployment in the past two years, and what many people have found even more challenging is that the widespread layoffs have resulted in difficulty when trying to find affordable health insurance.

For people who’ve ever had any sort of medical problem, even if only on a medication or have gone through counseling, when trying to get private insurance they are finding that insurance companies either deny coverage or increase premiums. While the denial of coverage for preexisting conditions no longer exists when Health Care Reform takes effect, many people need care now, before 2014 arrives. 

Nowhere But Up: The Rising Cost of Individual Insurance

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It’s already difficult for individuals to afford the increasing cost of health care. For some Washington State residents, it’s gotten even tougher. Recent rate changes reflect an average price hike of 14% for some policies.

There’s nothing new about this tale: According to a study by The Kaiser Survey, insurance rates have gone nowhere but up over the last few years. Some analysts say the passing of the Affordable Care Act has insurance companies trying to get ahead on potential costs. Insurers say they're just reacting to the rising cost of medical care as prescription drug makers and hospitals charge more. Dozens of insurance carriers have abandoned the fragile market altogether.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor’s Visit

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Have you ever waited around at the doctor’s office, only to see them for a whirlwind 10 minutes? Or thought of a question you would have loved to ask while you’re walking back to the parking lot? Face-to-face time with the doctor has always been brief—according to the Archive of Internal Medicine, doctors spent 18 minutes with patients in 1997 and 21 minutes with patients in 2005. But don’t expect that trend to continue. Some economists expect a shortage of doctors after 2014 as more people enter the health system, which will create pressures on seeing more patients. That’s why it’s so important to prepare for your doctor visit before you even walk in the door. Here are five great ways to maximize your time with your health care provider.