Facing the Costs of Imaging in Seattle

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We know that statistics behind unemployment in the past two years, and what many people have found even more challenging is that the widespread layoffs have resulted in difficulty when trying to find affordable health insurance.

For people who’ve ever had any sort of medical problem, even if only on a medication or have gone through counseling, when trying to get private insurance they are finding that insurance companies either deny coverage or increase premiums. While the denial of coverage for preexisting conditions no longer exists when Health Care Reform takes effect, many people need care now, before 2014 arrives. 

A recent Sprig Health client found an affordable way to get access to imaging services in Seattle. When she logged on to SprigHealth.com she found three top imaging centers offering services that were of use.  Belladonna Breast Imaging CenterVia Radiology – Meridian Pavilion, and Seattle Radiologists – Nordstrom Medical Tower

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Many people are finding Sprig Health to be the simple and affordable way to get in for an appointment without the need of an insurance card.

There are two reasons that services cost less when booked on SprigHealth.com.  First, because health care providers don’t have to deal with insurance paperwork, so the savings get passed on to the patient. And second, because Sprig Health believes that everyone deserves access to affordable health care, whether they have insurance or not.

Isn’t is nice to know that there is an affordable way to get great care when you’ve lost your job?