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KOMO - Sponsored - Washington Weekends Orca Watching Day Trip to the San Juan Islands Sponsored:Orca Watching Day Trip to the San Juan Islands(Photo Gallery)
If you’re looking for a fun day trip to the San Juan Islands, but don’t want to deal with the traffic and the ferry lines, hop on a Victoria Clipper for a stress-free journey and a chance to spot some whales!
Leave your car behind in downtown Seattle as your cruise on the Victoria Clipper III through Puget Sound and Deception Pass
KOMO - Sponsored - Washington Weekends Plan Your Next Getaway with Clipper Vacations Sponsored:Plan Your Next Getaway with Clipper Vacations(Photo Gallery)
What if you could wave a magic wand and have the perfect getaway -- including beautiful destinations, deluxe accommodations, and fun activities -- all at the touch of a button whenever you were ready? You can!

Clipper Vacations offers many getaways that are affordable and easy to plan -- all in the Pacific Northwest! Whatever your idea of a fun getaway - relaxing on the Victoria Clipper as you whisk through scenic waterways to a weekend getaway in Victoria B
KOMO - Sponsored - Washington Weekends Lodging at Mt. Rainier Sponsored:Lodging at Mt. Rainier
There’s no shortage of activities for you to participate in around Mt. Rainier National Park, but after a long day spent hiking, horseback riding, or snowshoeing, where you lay your head at night can be just as important as what you do during the day.