Popular Seahawks tailgating spot goes dry... or else

Popular Seahawks tailgating spot goes dry... or else
SEATTLE - Seahawks tailgaters will have to keep the booze at home if they want to party in one of their favorite spots.

They nearly lost their parking lot altogether, because the company that owns it says the tailgaters are getting a little too rowdy.

Tailgating in the area known as "Hawk Heaven" is a Seahawk tradition. It's a parking lot along the Alaskan Way Viaduct that's close enough to Qwest Field that you can still hear the stadium announcer.

But fans learned it could be empty for the upcoming games, if Diamond Parking decides tailgaters are too much of a problem.

This past weekend, when tailgaters showed up, there was a sign that said there would be no more tailgating allowed.

"No phone number, nothing," said Brandon Arnson, who has been tailgating at that spot for years. "All we got is a big sign that says 'Sorry, you can't come back next week,' and I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. I wouldn't appreciate that, and I don't!"

But it turns out you don't have to worry as much as you thought. Diamond Parking has caved to the Hawk fans.

So many people called to complain, the company changed its position Tuesday. But there's a catch -- no alcohol allowed. And if people break the new rule, Diamond says it'll close the lot.

Fans are still not thrilled.

"Us tailgaters are harmless," one said. "We just have a good time... that's all, we're here to have fun!"

Regardless of whether fans agree, it is a privately run lot, and Diamond can do whatever it wants with it.

But the burden is now on Seahawks fans in Hawk Heaven to not only brave the cold, sometimes wet weather, but also keeping their tailgating dry.