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15 MLB teams had $100 million-plus payrolls in 2013; M's not one of them

15 MLB teams had $100 million-plus payrolls in 2013; M's not one of them
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NEW YORK - According to Major League Baseball calculations, there were 15 teams that surpassed $100 million in payroll for the 2013 season.

The Seattle Mariners were not one of them.

The Mariners had a 2013 payroll of just over $91 million, ranking 19th among the 30 MLB teams. But the Mariners are already off to a fast start spending for 2014, agreeing earlier this month to a 10 year, $240 million contract for Robinson Cano. They've also agreed to contracts with free agents Corey Hart and Willie Bloomquist.

The top team was -- no surprise -- the New York Yankees, who had a payroll just over $237 million. That will cost them a $28 million luxury tax bill, pushing their total past the $250 million mark since the penalty began in 2003.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, with a payroll of $236.9 million, were the only other team that exceeded the tax threshold this year and must pay $11.4 million.

Boston finished just under the tax threshold for the second straight year, coming in $225,666 shy of the $178 million mark.

Figures include average annual values of contracts for players on 40-man rosters, earned bonuses and escalators, adjustments for cash in trades and $10.8 million per team in benefits.

Final 2013 payrolls:

N.Y. Yankees $237,018,889
L.A. Dodgers 236,872,242
Boston 176,481,441
Philadelphia 166,159,063
Detroit 154,728,724
L.A. Angels 143,670,107
San Francisco 141,312,169
Texas 137,185,918
Toronto 125,879,791
Washington 120,935,536
St. Louis 119,642,308
Chicago (AL) 116,740,909
Cincinnati 116,137,930
Baltimore 103,299,013
Chicago Cubs 100,859,265
Atlanta 95,340,877
NY. Mets 95,128,685
Milwaukee 92,698,695
Seattle 91,102,412
Arizona 90,204,915
Cleveland 88,964,754
Kansas City 86,614,795
Colorado 78,836,045
Minnesota 76,132,483
Pittsburgh 74,608,266
San Diego 74,201,807
Oakland 71,075,550
Tampa Bay 64,610,387
Miami 42,301,773
Houston 29,270,160
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