12th Man comes out to welcome triumphant Seahawks home

12th Man comes out to welcome triumphant Seahawks home

SEA-TAC AIRPORT -- A "giant" shutout at Metlife Stadium has pushed the 12th Man's Super Bowl hopes to a fever pitch. Nearly 100 fans lined the road near Sea-Tac Airport to welcome back the team from a victory at the Meadowlands.

People spent hours in the cold and occasional rain for a few moments to scream their support. The roadside greeting at S 118th Street and 28th Ave. S has become a 12th Man tradition that started with Big Lo.

"Went from 20 people to 30 people to 50 people," Big Lo said. "The playoffs last year we had a couple hundred people at a time out here."

Families with blue and green running in their veins make up this dedicated group, and share more than just a love for the team. This week they brought special Seahawks Christmas cookies. Last week, it was finger lights.

One of the equipment crews for the Hawks pulled up and tossed out a souvenir NFL football to one of the fans cheering his support.

"The truck just drove by and handed out the football, and I was right there, and handed it to me and i was like that's pretty awesome," said Andrew Hostetter, a 16-year-old who had never come out to welcome back the team before.

The 12th Man also crowded around the team facilities in Renton, waiting to greet the players who manhandled the New York Giants, beating them 23-0.