Obama congratulates Seahawks on Super Bowl win

Obama congratulates Seahawks on Super Bowl win
RENTON, Wash. - “Ahead of the curve” has been a sometimes-derided Renton city slogan over the years. But last night Mayor Dennis Law and crew turned that slogan into action. Sometime overnight, a Lombardi plaque, which had to be made far ahead of game time, was placed on the “Welcome to Renton - Home of the Seahawks” sign on the road to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. This morning a vase of plastic flowers, colored balloons and empty champagne bottles greeted a steady stream of cellphone-carrying visitors seeking to capture the moment.
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama has congratulated the Seattle Seahawks for defeating the Denver Broncos and winning Super Bowl XLVIII.

The White House says Obama spoke with Seattle head coach Pete Carroll on Tuesday and commended Carroll and his team for a great game.

Obama said he looks forward to congratulating Carroll and the team at the White House later this year.

The president had avoided picking sides in Sunday's matchup, saying he didn't want to offend either city.

Obama predicted a final score of 24-21, but the Seahawks dominated the championship game from the opening kickoff and went on to crush Denver 43-8.