Police: Seahawks LB Hill, girlfriend told two different stories

Police: Seahawks LB Hill, girlfriend told two different stories
SEATTLE -- Seattle Seahawks starting linebacker Leroy Hill and his girlfriend have told investigators two very different stories about the events leading up to his arrest late Saturday night.

But the two seem to agree on one thing: they were fighting about infidelity on Hill's part.

Police responded to reports of a domestic dispute at Hill's Issaquah home at approximately 11:55 p.m. Friday. Investigators noted Hill's girlfriend was crying, "visibly shaken" and hesitant to talk about what had happened, according to the police report.

The woman, who said she'd been with Hill for four years, told detectives Hill had come home late - around 11:30 p.m., and she'd asked to look at his phone to see whether he'd been talking to other women. But Hill would not unlock his phone for her, so she used her own phone to call her mother instead, she said.

As the woman was talking to her mother, Hill "became agitated and attempted to take the phone from her," the report said. The woman tried to go upstairs to get away from Hill, but Hill yanked her down by her ponytail, investigators said.

The two began pushing each other around the foyer, knocking over and breaking a lamp in the process, according to the report. When the woman tried once again to head upstairs, Hill grabbed at her arm, scratching her and leaving visible marks, investigators said.

Hill then pushed his girlfriend, who was standing at the top of the stairs, "causing her to fall backwards down the stairs, landing at the bottom of the stairs," the report said.

Both parties then called police, the woman told detectives.

Hill, however, told a very different story to investigators. He said he and his girlfriend had just broken up because he'd been seeing other women, and his girlfriend was "hot" about it, the report said.

Hill told investigators he was sleeping when his girlfriend found the phone numbers of these other women on his phone, and "hit him with a pillow while he was sleeping to get him to wake up," the report said.

He said his girlfriend had broken a lamp, though he did not specify whether it was accidental or intentional, and added, "there was nothing physical between him and (his girlfriend)," detectives wrote.

Hill, who appeared to be very calm, said he'd called police because "he did not want things to get physical," detectives said

However, Hill's girlfriend told investigators there've been several incidents during which Hill had gotten physical with her.

The woman said in December 2009, she was discussing Hill's alleged infidelity with him when he "held her on the bed, placing his hands around the neck," and "crushed her throat as he did this," the document said. The woman added there've been other past "physical altercations between the two," detectives wrote.

Hill was booked into the Issaquah City Jail under investigation of fourth-degree assault, domestic violence early Sunday morning. He appeared in the Issaquah Municipal Court on Monday, and was released on his own cognizance.

Earlier this month, Hill received 12 months of probation in Georgia after pleading guilty to a charge of marijuana possession stemming from a January 2009 traffic stop in suburban Atlanta. Hill was also ordered to pay fines of $500, and be subject to random drug tests.

The Seahawks have told Hill to skip this week's mini-camp and deal with his personal issues.

Coach Pete Carroll said after practice Tuesday that he and general manager John Schneider advised Hill it was "best for him to take care of some things" first. Carroll wouldn't comment Tuesday about Hill's future with the Seahawks.