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For Breaking News, Call Toll Free: 1-TV-TIPS-KOMO (1-888-477-5666)
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Closed Captioning Contacts:

  • Closed Captioning Immediate Concerns: Lee Wood
    Chief Engineer
    (206) 404-4236
  • Closed Captioning Non-Immediate Concerns: Doreen Kaylor
    Programming Manager
    (206) 404-4153
    140 4th Avenue North
    Seattle, Washington 98109

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  • KOMO 4: Switchboard
    (206) 404-4000
  • KOMO 4 News: Newsroom
    (206) 404-4145
    (206) 404-4422 FAX
  • Breaking News: 1-TV-TIPS-KOMO
    press 1
    (for free cellular call dial #4444)
  • For copies of KOMO news stories: 1 (800) 621-0561
    Cision online request form
  • ABC Programs: 1 (818) 460-7477
  • For copies of ABC Programs: 1 (800) 505-6139
  • Advertising: Fisher Interactive Network Web Sales
    Ryan Moore, Director of Digital Sales
    (206) 404-3132
  • KOMO 4 TV Advertising: (206) 404-4220
  • KOMO 4 News Problem Solvers Tipline: 1-888-PS4-TIPS or 1 (888) 774-8477
  • Buyer Beware Hotline: (206) 404-4799

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  • KOMO RADIO & TV:140 4th Avenue North
    Seattle, Washington 98109

Children's Programming On KOMO:

When you’re viewing children’s television programs with your family, look for the new “E/I” logo in the upper right hand corner of your screen. All programs designed for children 12 years old and younger that are classified as being “educational and informational” will air with the new graphic designation. It is an effort to let you know which shows are kid-friendly.

KOMO 4 Television maintains a Children's Television Programming Report. In it is a list programs suitable for children's viewing and reports on community activities for children the station produces, supports and/or endorses. Review a copy of the report.