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Matt Markovich
Matt Markovich
Matt Markovich is man who wears many hats. He began reporting for KOMO 4 News in 1994, but he also reports and produces for several nationally syndicated programs and networks including The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Learning Channel, PBS, Lifetime and ABC.

Matt was hired in 1991 by KIRO-TV to create and executive produce a daily news magazine feature program. In 2002, Matt served as the Seattle Bureau Chief and Correspondent for TechTV, the cable national channel started by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen which was the first to broadcast technology news and information 24/7. Matt's background in technology makes him a great go-to-guy when KOMO 4 News needs someone to explain in simple terms an often tech centric story of interest.

He is the recipient of several Northwest Emmy awards for reporting and producing. He's also been nominated for National Emmy award, NATPE Iris award and CableACE awards. He's won RTNDA's regional award for Best News Reporting, Best Feature Reporting and Best Documentary.

His start in broadcasting in an interesting one. While attending college in Santa Barbara, Matt made Mr. Zog's Sex Wax, a surfboard wax. That connection led to Matt being a surf reporter on KMET-FM in Los Angeles and eventually he started working at the radio station full time. After graduating San Diego State, made his way back to Santa Barbara for his first TV job at KEYT-TV Channel 3.

Matt loves to sail, ski, surf the World Wide Web and travel with his family whenever he can.

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