Connie Thompson

News Anchor

Connie Thompson
Connie Thompson
News Anchor
Connie Thompson is one of Seattle's broadcast veterans.

It is not a surprise that she is one of the most recognized personalities in the area given that she has been a long-time news anchor and currently produces and presents daily consumer segments for KOMO 4 NEWS at 4PM and 6PM. The award-winning journalist has been honored by consumer and community groups (local and national), for her commitment to raising consumer awareness about everything from consumer trends, privacy issues, product safety, identity thief, to real estate fraud.

In recognition of her dedication and professionalism, Connie has received numerous honors. She received the 2006 Silver Circle Award from the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences and also has been honored by Women in Communications, The National Transportation Safety Administration, Totem Council of Girl Scouts and Big Brother Big Sisters of Puget Sound, which created an annual award in her name for her more than two decades of support.

No stranger to the challenges faced by caregivers, for the past several years, Connie and her sisters have been providing the emotional, social and physical support for their mother in her daily struggle with dementia.

Connie graduated from the University of Portland and has an MBA from City University in Seattle.

In her free time she enjoys golf, reading, jewelry design, gourmet cooking, and friends and family. She and her husband live in Seattle.

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Despite earlier alerts, IRS imposters continue to steal millions by calling taxpayers on the phone and threatening jail time if delinquent taxes are not paid immediately. Even if you're savvy, think of friends, family, neighbors and others in your community who might be fooled by these clever creeps. Spread the word that IRS agents do not call you with threats. They do not use other law enforcement to threaten you. They don't text your cell phone or send unsolicited emails. Bottom line: hang up on all threatening calls, delete all unsolicited emails, and notify the U. S. Treasury Inspector about any scam attempts.
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Most of us might be put off to learn the new clothes we just bought had been used by someone else then returned to the store. So you can imagine how a local mother feels knowing the same thing happened with toothbrushes she bought for her kids- especially since her children actually used the toothbrushes before she and her husband discovered the ugly truth.
KOMO 4 TV Landslides, mudslides not covered by typical homeowners policy Landslides, mudslides not covered by typical homeowners policy
As if the devastation and loss aren't enough - some Snohomish County slide victims are getting more bad news when they call about their homeowners insurance. They're learning their homeowners insurance policy does not cover mud or landslides. It's an issue that comes up every time the land gives in and causes damage.
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Chop Magic is billed as the "Fast & Easy Way to SLICE and DICE!" It's a hard plastic, 6-cup container that comes with 2 blades, one for slicig and one for dicing. The square blades fit on top of the container so you can place your produce directly on the blade. A hard plastic cover with a built-in pusher slides over the container so you can push the produce through the blades and into the container. It sells for around $20.
KOMO 4 TV IRS Commissioner: Tax ID fraud beginning to plateau IRS Commissioner: Tax ID fraud beginning to plateau
Tax I-D thieves are not only filing fraudulent returns and stealing refunds- they're selling stolen social security numbers to other identity thieves. That's the warning from the new IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, in Seattle today. But the new head of the nation's tax division says the problem appears to be leveling off.
KOMO 4 TV Tax ID theft: What to do Tax ID theft: What to do(Video)
We're hearing from more local families whose social security information was stolen from the data base at the Archdiocese of Seattle. New victims appear to be discovering the fraud daily. Many are not sure what to do, or what to expect- now that thieves have filed taxes in their name.
KOMO 4 TV More vigilance needed after Target data breach More vigilance needed after Target data breach(Video)
If you were one of the millions of victims of the recent raid of payment card and personal information at Target stores there is additional reason for concern. Target says it is offering "peace of mind" against identity theft threat with free credit monitoring from Experian. But Consumer Reports says that's not enough.
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There's no such thing as a simply getting new windows. You have to decide on materials, installation technique, manufacturer, and most importantly, the installer. Researchers at surveyed thousands of local window customers about the quality of knowledge, advice, workmanship, and overall performance- of more than 2 dozen window installation companies in the Puget Sound region.
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The Spirooli is promoted as being the "quickest and easiest way there is to cut just about any vegetable". It has 4 suction legs, measures about 12 by 6 inches, and stands nearly 9 inches tall. So consider storage before you get too mesmerized by the slicing possibilities.
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From brushes and combs, to razors and masking tape- we try all sorts of products to remove the little fuzz balls that form on our sweaters and other clothing. Now, there appears to be a resurgence of an old pilling remedy that's essentially a form of pumice. It's not the compact type of pumice you use to remove calluses on your feet, but rather, a lighter, more loosely structured pumice material.