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Updated Tuesday 3:10 p.m.

For the most part, we managed to deftly dodge much of any showers around today, thanks to a very weak trough that essentially fizzled.

We won't be so lucky the second (or third) time around.

Two weather systems coming in back-to-back promise to moisten up the ground, bring a few puddles, and knock those thoughts that sunny weather was here to stay right back into that corner where they usually hide until late June.

The first is a warm front and it'll bring rain in starting tonight with lows in the mid-upper 40s, and then keeping light rain at times through much of Wednesday. Rainfall totals look to be roughly a quarter to third of an inch around Seattle, and highs will be in the mid-upper 50s.

A stronger cold front moves in on Thursday for an even wetter day -- now we're talking about a half to 3/4 of an inch around Seattle with highs still in the mid-upper 50s.

We do dry out rather quickly Thursday night -- save for a likely Puget Sound Convergence Zone to keep rain going between Seattle and Everett.

It's looking like we'll eke through Friday dry or at least vastly dry -- I suppose we might see a rogue isolated shower or two, but by Seattle standards, let's call it a dry day with highs around 60.

Dry weather holds through about midday to early afternoon Saturday, then another front quickly sweeps through for a shot of light rain Saturday afternoon through the night. Highs will be in the low 60s.

Rapid drying again for Sunday although still the risk of a few lingering showers. But if you've got outdoor plans, Sunday is better than Saturday, although as we said, Saturday morning could pass for dry.

Long range models keep seasonal highs around 60 for next week with a few light showers amid sunbreaks for Monday and Tuesday. That is, unless you've become really good at dodging the showers now :)

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