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Updated: Saturday, 11:25p.m.

Another weekend, another round of gorgeous late summer sunshine in Western Washington.  The same overall pattern that has been with us most of the summer--a clearing upper ridge joining forces with a hot thermal trough at the surface--is pushing the mercury up again.  Highs ranged from the 60s in the San Juans to the 80s at the coast Saturday, and for most of us, Sunday will be quite a bit warmer.

Starry skies overnight will allow temps to drop into the 50s in Seattle by dawn, though some of the outlying areas will drop into the 40s by sunrise.  However, the same clear skies letting the heat out will let it back in during the day, and highs will soar into the 80s around Puget Sound.  The 12's will need to wear suncreen along with their Seahawks gear, and anyone heading out to enjoy the final day of the Washington State Fair should expect sunshine and middle 80s atop the ferris wheel.

The beaches will see a big rush of fog, so instead of 80s, we'll drop into the 50s and 60s right near the Washington coastline.  The return of the fog at the beaches will signal the eventual end of the heat for the interior, too...

The first sign of this change will come in the form of a lot of increasing cloud cover on Monday.  HIghs will cool back into the 70s throughout the urban core, and we'll end up mainly overcast by the time the day if over.

By Tuesday, a major pattern shift allows a trough of low pressure to nose in, and the clouds will eventually yield some rain by Tuesday evening.  Wednesday looks rainy much of the time, and highs will drop back into the 60s by mid-week.  Thursday will feature a few more showers, but at this point Friday is looking mainly dry and partly sunny.

Have a great weekend,

Meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell
The KOMO4 Forecast Team

Scott's Blog

Weather It happens fast: Seattle just 2 months away from wettest day of the year It happens fast: Seattle just 2 months away from wettest day of the year
As dry weather returns this weekend and temperatures soar past 80 for what will be at least the 46th time, the brilliant sun glare may be preventing you from seeing the cliff we're about to fall off.

Some years, such as this one, summer can hang on with all its might, clinging-- nay, clawing into the dirt, refusing to give up. But in the Pacific Northwest, the period from early September to late October represents the wildest change in weather during the year.
Weather Just how hot would a warm Seattle autumn and winter be?
We've all heard how it's been such a hot summer. And you've likely been reading about how the Pacific Northwest is expected to maintain a warmer than normal autumn and winter.

UW Atmospheric Sciences professor Cliff Mass just did an excellent blog post showing why we're expected to be so warm. In a nutshell, Mass says a persistent ridge of high pressure last fall that kept the storms away also keep the ocean from churning very much, which is needed to mix in some cooler water from the depths of the ocean.
Weather Northern Lights could make appearance tonight
A strong solar storm is in progress, and for those ever hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, its timing couldn't be better. says not one, but two coronal mass ejections (CMEs -- fancy word for solar flares) erupted and came hurtling toward Earth.

The first one has already passed, but the second one is in progress which means Friday night could see a display of the Northern Lights. It's a near slam dunk for the higher latitudes but even our area has a chance to get a peek if the stars align.

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