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Updated Wednesday, 6:10 a.m.

Good Morning and welcome to a wet and windy Wednesday!

There's a lot of sloppy roads across the region as the rain continues to come down. Some of the heaviest showers are along 405 on the Eastside and along I-5 from Tacoma to Seattle. Make sure to have two hands on the wheel as there's reports of slipper roads all across the area.

We'll battle the wet weather through much of the day as a strong front continues to push through. Winds will whip the strongest across the coast and the NW interior -- gusts could exceed 50 mph at times.

Rain continues on the evening commute -- and scattered showers dot the landscape through Thursday, too. Friday has the best chance of sunbreaks -- amid a few showers. Long range models are calling for another strong front that will kick up the wind and give us more rain on Saturday. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, stay dry!

Seth Wayne
KOMO 4cast Team
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Scott's Blog

Weather Gust front's 0-to-60 mph time rivals turbo-charged V8s Gust front's 0-to-60 mph time rivals turbo-charged V8s
Scott's Note: I'm taking a few days off this week so here is an "In case you missed it" blog, originally posted on June 14, 2011. Enjoy!

It takes some of the better sports cars out there about 5-7 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph.

Mother Nature showed off some of her own powerful accelerations during a storm that spawned an incredible gust front in Maine last week.

Michael McCormack has a web camera situated at Sebec Lake. About 1:45 p.m., a strong gust front went through the region, and the winds went from near calm to roaring over 60 mph in seconds.

And his web camera was rolling the entire time.

Here is how he described it:

"This image sequence shows a gust front approaching and raising a lot of water from the lake surface. The 4th frame shows a boat being overtaken at the leading edge of the wind. Last image shows a treetop landed in front of the cam." He estimates based on the speed of the front, the winds were blowing at about 66 mph at the leading edge.

Here are the images he was talking about. They are taken 30 seconds apart.
Weather 70 degrees in October? No problem this year...
A somewhat sunny and 72 degree day sounds fairly routine for Seattle... for early September, maybe even late August.

But October 19? Indeed, strange enough but then when you find out it's only tied for the third-warmest day this month, it's really something.
Weather New maps, same story: Mild, dry winter the odds-on favorite
We just passed the third Thursday of the month, and that means we get to look at the new 30 and 90 day seasonal forecast maps. (For some meteorologists, it's like Christmas coming 12 times a year!)

This month's version can be summed up in a four words: "You've seen this before."
Weather Potpourri blog: Cool weather maps, videos, and how not to get a 'Tomato Warning'
To kick off the...middle of October week? -- I've got a bit of grab bag weather geek stuff for the blog that's been sitting in my inbox waiting for the light of day, so here goes...

First up, this neat interactive site that lets you compare weather across the nation. For those of you who liked this worldwide rainfall comparison tool I posted last month, this site is for you, courtesy Kristian Nielsen:

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