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Updated Wednesday 4:15 a.m.

It's going to be a soggy middle of the week! Look for mostly cloudy skies to stick around through much of the day, along with some wet weather. Some of the showers will be heavy at times around lunch time and into the evening drive home. Highs will struggle to reach the low to mid 60s. 

If you've got to get stuff done while it's dry -- make sure to do it on Thursday! Tomorrow is our only guaranteed dry day of the extended outlook as a series of disturbances will kick up our wind and dump some rain starting on Friday. 

This kicks off four days of occasional steady light-to-moderate rains and blustery winds -- so if the pumpkin patch is in your weekend plans, make sure to have the boots and raingear ready to go! 


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Scott's Blog

Weather State's drought could spell early end to autumn leaves displays State's drought could spell early end to autumn leaves displays (Photo Gallery)
So in driving around town this September, it seemed to my untrained eye that the autumn leaves were turning earlier than usual, with some trees already golden brown or red and half empty. Could it be a by-product of the hot summer?

I asked some experts at the University of Washington Botanical Gardens and it turns out it's yes and no.

First of all, according to Dr. Sarah Reichard, the director of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens, there are some tree species around here that are typical "early shedders" of their leaves in September, like Red Maples and Vine Maples -- probably a lot of what I was seeing.
Weather Watch: Northern Lights shimmer over Mt. Baker (Photo Gallery) (Video)
Once again, our clear early autumn skies have come at a great time -- this time to catch another show of the Northern Lights across the Pacific Northwest.

Meg McDonald of Wild Northwest Beauty Photography just spent several days hiking around Mt. Baker and had her cameras at the ready when this dazzling display of the aurora peeked out Saturday night.
Weather Mariners fans treated to near-record amount of sunshine this summer
Beachgoers and outdoor cafe connisours weren't the only people to benefit from the summer of sunshine this year. So did the Boys of Summer.

The super warm Seattle Summer of 2015 just narrowly missed setting a Safeco Field record for fewest number of times the roof has been extended in a season.

This year, just 11 of the Mariners' 81 home games have been played with the roof closed for all or part of the game, according to team spokesperson Rebecca Hale (5 games under the roof from the start; 6 closed duing the game.) The rains Friday night left it one short of matching 2006 and 2012 for the fewest closures in a year.

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