What Are The 'White Nights'?


By By Steve Pool

SEATTLE - White nights are what those who live near the north pole call the time of year when the sun either doesn't set, or only sets for a few hours (as in, the sky stays lit, or white, during the night).

Starting right about this time of year and lasting through mid July or so, places north of the Arctic Circle (66.6 degrees north latitude) have very little time of darkness, if any. Today, Fairbanks, Alaska (just below the Arctic Circle) has a sunset around midnight and a sunrise around 3:45 a.m. right now.

Go up to Barrow, Alaska (71 degrees north) and the sun hasn't set since May 10, and will stay above the horizon until August 3.

That's because the Earth's forward tilt toward the sun in the summertime is such that the north polar region spins in constant sunlight.

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YouNews Moon Images Moon Images
These high resolution images of the moon were taken on Saturday May 2nd, one day before the full moon. Taken with
a Meade LX6 (focal length of 1600mm) and a ZWO ASI120MC
video camera. Each image is a stack of 400 images taken from a video consisting of 2,000 frames.
YouNews Aliens are coming for the space needle! Aliens are coming for the space needle!
I was doing a shoot for a couple on thier balcony when this strange cloud looked like it was getting ready to suck up the space needle!
YouNews Car Crash on I5N Seattle Truck on fire Car Crash on I5N Seattle Truck on fire
photos take from metro west building 10th floor. Just another work day until an explosion is heard and a truck catching fire after a collision. looks like 3 cars were involved.