Seattle finishes up 2nd hottest summer on record at Sea-Tac

The rains this morning were an emphatic end to what will go down as the second-hottest summer on record at Sea-Tac Airport, which has data going back to 1945.

The average high temperature from June 21 through September 21 this year was 79.3 degrees, falling just behind 1967's 79.5 degree average (and just ahead of 3rd place. Guess what summer that was? Last year! 2013 averaged 78.6 degrees)

Our toasty numbers this year make sense when you consider 40 of the 92 days of our summer were warmer than 80 degrees -- meaning nearly half our summer was spent over 80 degrees! And 21 of those days were 85 degrees or warmer with five days at 90 or hotter.

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YouNews Autocomplete miscue Autocomplete miscue
Sitting on southbound 405 in Bothell this morning, the traffic information board displayed this message. Obviously the autocomplete function was on and no one proof read the message.

Pretty funny though...
YouNews Morning of Fall Equinox Morning of Fall Equinox
These two photos of the city Skyline were taken this morning from Kerry Park at Sunrise (6:54 am). Unfortunately there was heavy cloud cover and the Sun was not visible. The Fall Equinox starts this evening, so sunrise will be coming later, and sunset will happen sooner.
YouNews Saturday night sky Saturday night sky
Took these images Saturday night with fog rolling in and out.
A Meade 6-inch refractor and Nikon D3000 DSLR was used for all images.