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Pictures frrooom spaaaace!

Pictures frrooom spaaaace!
NASA MODIS Satellite image taken Aug. 6, 2010.

(Sorry about the headline, for some reason had the Muppet's on the brain today.)

It's been a busy but interesting past few weeks around here, with the wildfire haze bringing orange sunlight, the wild goose chase after the Northern Lights, the "hurricane" up on Vancouver Island and the "Stratocane" off the California coast.

How about we end the week with more pretty pictures? These are some high-resolution satellite photographs taken from NASA's MODIS program.

First up -- the culprit of our hazy skies and orange sunsets this week: A massive series of wildfires in the interior of British Columbia. (You can kind of see the northern tip of Vancouver Island on the bottom left there, for geographical reference):

Northerly winds in the upper atmosphere are somewhat common in the summertime here and when that pattern evolved earlier this week, it carried that smoke south into our region. Looks like it could keep occurring when the northerly winds set up again.

Next stop, the South Atlantic. In what NASA described as "a serpent swimming through clouds" look at these eddies that were formed over the island of Tristan de Cunha in the South Atlantic.

Heading higher into space, the ol' weather blog has had several entries on stunning noctilucent clouds but this is the first time I've seen a good photo that shows just how high these clouds are:

And here is some time lapse video of noctilucent clouds -- right as a satellite was launched to study them:

Have a great weekend!