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If ever a storm needed a Jaws soundtrack...

If ever a storm needed a Jaws soundtrack...

Dun-dan.... Dun-dan....

A reader pointed me to some YouTube video of an approaching thunderstorm that was sneaking up on a Helsinki, Finland beach earlier this month. And yes, the first thing that went through my mind was: "Wow, this really needs a Jaws soundtrack."

My only disappointment is that the camera person didn't leave the tape rolling long enough to see the storm's wrath, but then again, not sure I want to stand out there in that either.

But! Other people who were in safer locations did have their cameras rolling, and in fact, YouTube has several videos from others who went through that same massive thunderstorm as it raced across Finland (some even with their own soundtrack, although sad to say, much less ominous than music *I* would have chosen :) ):




This one, I agree has a pretty decent soundtrack:

And this last one gives not only a good shot of an approaching storm, but an idea of what the Finland road system looks like. You might want to fast forward to the last few minutes for the good rainy stuff. (Hopefully this guy isn't swearing in Finnish.)

I don't know what's more amazing -- the storm's rainfall and frequent lightning, or that the traffic light the guy is parked next to was green for like three minutes. Why can't we have those in the United States? :)


P.S. Wait, wait!! Just found other versions of the stormy beach cloud video that put an ominous soundtrack to it! Much better! :)


"Lost" fans would appreciate this mock version:

(Jaws would still be better.)