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Something was in the air at the coast last weekend

Something was in the air at the coast last weekend

UW meteorologist Reid Wolcott spent last Sunday along the Washington coast and captured some remarkable photographs that truly show off the beauty of the Northwest.

But what make it even more interesting, aside from the fact that he actually found a day it was mostly clear at the coast, was that there was no wind. That's quite the rare feat along the beaches.

"I spent the night shooting photographs at Ruby Beach... and can say I never felt a wind that was more than about 3 mph, it was a perfect night to be at the beach!" he said.

How calm? Note in this photograph, the haze that is hanging right over the ocean waters -- it's fog!  With no wind, there was nothing to mix out the moisture, Wolcott said.

Here are some other photos he captured out there.

You can see more at his Flickr page.

Have a great weekend!

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