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Fantastic photos from the bottom -- and the ends -- of the Earth

Fantastic photos from the bottom -- and the ends -- of the Earth

Our planet is showing off again...

In today's blog, we have a collection of photos from the bottom of the Earth, and from beyond the Earth.

First up, our old friend Jeff Fogg from Issaquah has signed on for a second tour working our winter down at the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. (Read more about why he's down there and what he does). And once again, he's brought along his camera to share some of the amazing beauty that sits at the literal bottom of the Earth.

(See some of his stunning photos from last year.)

First up, another great shot of Nacreous clouds, which are caused by icy conditions in the lower stratosphere.

And the "Southern Lights" have been out in full force as well:

Here are some other images he just sent

We'll be posting more photos from Jeff as our fall and winter progresses. Thanks Jeff!

Also in the news, NASA Astornaut Col. Douglas Wheelock is sending back some stunning photos from his view on the International Space Station. (He's Tweeting them via his Twitter account @Astro_Wheels)

The first two are of Hurricane Earl:

Here is Hurricane Danielle before she fell apart:

And here are lights from space. First one is of New York (upside-down -- that's Long Island off to the left)

And here is Italy looking west -- that's the "boot" going from right to left with Sicily in the distance:

(See more on his TwitPic Page)

But the Northwest can put on shows of its own as well. Look at this interesting double rainbow submitted by Karlista Rickerson of Vashon Island last week:

This is called a "tangent arc" -- formed by sunlight reflecting through the icy crystals in the cirrus clouds floating by.

And finally, Julia Wiese snapped this great sunset photo Thursday night from Edmonds:

Have a great weekend!