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Big Apple gets hit by one heck of a Big Storm

Big Apple gets hit by one heck of a Big Storm

If they can spin down there, they can spin down, any-ne-where...

Tornadoes can happen almost anywhere on the planet (although I think there are some spots, like perhaps Antarctica, that are pretty safe) and Mother Nature gave proof Thursday that big cities are not exempt.

A big storm rolled through the eastern area of the Big Apple, with Doppler Radar even indicating a tornado as the storm passed into Brooklyn and Queens. So far, weather forecasters with the New York National Weather Service office have not definitively ruled whether the damage there was caused by a tornado or just regular straight-line winds from the storm's downburst, but damage was consistent with gusts to around 100 mph.

Here is a list of all the damage reports from the area.

But you can surmise with like 20 million people around as witnesses that a few had their cameras ready. Here are some I found on YouTube of the event.

The first one is a great shot from the Brooklyn port, looking west (you can see the Statue of Liberty there off to the right-center in the distance -- before it disappears in the storm)

This one is security camera video of the storm as it hit. Look at those people caught outside! The one day they don't bring an umbrella...

Another one from an apartment in Prospect Heights. (Watch for the close lightning strike right at the end.)

And this one is amusing as lighting strikes right behind the photographer. It's out out the window she's looking through -- the bolt is a reflection off the window -- it struck behind her.

Thankfully, our weekend weather won't be quite as wet... or windy :)