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More proof Mt. Rainier is really, really tall

More proof Mt. Rainier is really, really tall
Mt. Rainier casts a shadow on the sky, taken by YouNews contributor 2beagles, taken from Rochester, Wash. on Sept. 24, 2010.

The Puget Sound region was treated to a spectacular light show Friday morning, courtesy of Mt. Rainier and a neat optical trick that makes it look like the mountain is erupting, when if fact, it's just being a big wall.

What you're seeing in the photo is Mt. Rainier's shadow being cast across the northwestern sky.

I have to say the photos were surprising to me, as I had only ever seen this in the late fall and early winter time when the sun rises farther to our south. But these photos prove even in September, the mountain can cast this amazing shadow effect. 

As the sun rises just above the horizon, it has enough altitude to shine its light over most of the terrain and into the sky -- except for the 14,000+ foot wall we call Mount Rainier.

Thus, the mountain casts a tall shadow across the sky. As the sun rises farther, the effect diminishes.

Here are some other photos:

Courtesy: YouNews subscriber Pictureswest, taken from Littlerock, WA

These next two were by YouNews contributor 2beagles, taken from Rochester.

Mt. Rainier has done this many times before, although most times I've seen it, it's been in late fall and early winter.

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