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Nice weekend thwarts today's weather blog entry

Nice weekend thwarts today's weather blog entry
Sunset taken from Edmonds Beach on Sept. 25, 2010. (Photo: Ken Sjodin)

I guess that's what I get for procrastinating...

I've had a blog "in the hopper" about how this year might have book-ended a real interesting feat -- we all know about the long wait we had for 75 degrees this spring -- June 23rd, shattering the old record of June 9. I was wondering with the cool September, if we could possibly also set the record for earliest date for last 75 degree temperature.

Our last such day this year had been September 3rd. Would that have been the record?

Turns out, no, but it would have been close. From an e-mail from Dana Felton at the National Weather Service:

"The last 75 day stat is not too impressive. There have been 2 Septembers with no 75 degree plus days... 1978 and 2004. 1954...1959 and 1985 had 1 day of 75 plus. We have had 2 so far this month. 1956...1971 and 1983 ended up with only 2, 75 plus days."

The earliest "fall off to autumn" was Aug. 29, 1978. In 2004, August 31st was our last day at 75. Sept. 2 was the lat day in 1959, and then we were tied with 1972 for Sept. 3.

Note, key word: "were" tied.

That's because lo and behold it eked to 75 degrees on Saturday, thus setting this year's date at Sept. 25 (so far) and making the statistic wholly unremarkable. (Well, I guess it has some remark value. I'm writing about it now.)

So it thwarted the point of the blog today, but hey, you still read this far...

But you won't go away empty-handed. I have the blog version of the home game consolation prize for you:

Here are some cute penguin photos from one of our "correspondents" down at the South Pole, Jeff Fogg. He says the penguins are out early this year at the McMurdo Station -- pretty amazing since it's been stormy down there, even by Antarctic standards:

"Have had a lot of days off because of high winds and blowing snow... (White-Outs) !!! Get a few good days in between though... Saw this Emperor [penguin] yesterday out at the Airfield where I work. VERY Rare to see them this early in the season but was nice!! Beautiful Bird.... About 3.5 - 4 feet tall and about 80 lbs. Beautiful Color!!!! Was very friendly."

And here is a photo of what some people would have you believe WILL BE SEATTLE THIS DECEMBER THANKS TO LA NINA! :) (It won't, don't worry. Snoqualmie Pass? Maybe...)

And back home, here's a neat sunset photo taken by Beth Ryder from Freeland on Friday, just to give more value to this busted blog entry: